Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Introduction to ME! :)

Hey y'all. I'm a mom that LOVES to read. My first blog I started was going to be all about Hawaii but I have moved. :( Now I live in a freakin COLD state and all I have left to do is read, which I love to do by the way. I am looking for authors who want me to review their books for FREE of course...I LOVE mystery/suspense so authors start sending me your books!!! I also have a craaazy blogger pal, Cluttered Brain and she is showing me the blogging ropes here. I'm new to the blogging world but I LOVE to meet people. SO...throw me a comment below and introduce yourself. I look forward to meeting all of you on here...
Especially you author people...YAY for reading!!! :)

I might throw in some random posts too. Cuz it's ALWAYS fun to post pictures and stuff like that. Right?

Merry Christmas folks. My tree is up already. Can you believe that? Cluttered Brain's tree is not up.

Okay that's all I can write folks. Stay tuned for more updates. I promise. :)


  1. hey heidi babe! nice blog...who set this blog up for u anyway? lol....
    I might need to show you some pretty cool backgrounds...cutest blog on the block has some cool ones....Love ya babe! It was great hanging out with u today!

  2. ohh I love the purple here....really lovely!!!! :)